Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas spirit or bah humbug?

So, which are you ~
Are you the Christmas spirit, or, are you the bah humbug of the bunch?

This year, this day, I feel more bah humbug-ish than I think I have ever. Why? I really don't know. Maybe it's the lack of snow, but that may not necessarily be it being as the last few Christmas's were spent in balmy South Florida. Maybe it's because I have to wait to get a tree ~ we are getting a real live tree. Maybe it's that I am dreading taking the boxes of fall decorations downstairs, and lugging the Christmas ones up. Maybe it's knowing that my awesome husband will be working Christmas Eve AND Christmas day. I don't know...........
Any way you cut it, this year, this day it's kinda a bah humbug, scrooge-ish kinda day. Maybe I should watch my Albert Finney Scrooge and White Christmas and Elf, all in that Order and hopefully that may just vault me into a Christmas spirit kind of gal.
But I think I shall sit down with a mug of hot Wassail and anticipate breaking my back lugging boxes up and down.
Anywho ~ I'm hoping you are having a very blessed happy Christmas spirit!!!!!!!!
~ Bah, humbug ~ and a very Merry Christmas to you!!!!!!

1 comment:

Kayte said...

It's snowing today just for you! (And Xavier)... = )

I actually bought a little Christmas hanging thing because I started think man my decorations are too sparce! So there's your influence on my life! ;)

Are we all getting together to help Susanne today? Maybe we can help you lug your boxes?

As far as Jesse working, that does stink. All I can do to help with that one is spike your wassail...?