Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm grateful for.....................

November 10.
Today is one of my most favorite days. This is the day of the Marine Corps birthday.
I am a Marine wife. The saying goes "Once a Marine, always a Marine". Well, I say, Once a Marine wife, always a Marine wife.
I am so thankful for all of our armed forces, but most especially for the Marine Corps. (It's the men's side of the Navy. :) )
I'm so proud that my husband served almost 8 years in the Marine Corps. He did what alot of people (and a few presidents) were unwilling to do. He served his country. He enlisted before 9-11 happened. And he stayed in beyond that.
Xavier and I made sacrifices too. We served too. We kept the home fires burning through 3 deployments.
I'm thankful for all the family members who also make that sacrifice.
After we were stationed in Miami at an I&I station, Jesse performed many Marines funerals.
I'm grateful for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. They gave their lives for me.
Jesse has had the honor of presenting the folded flag to grieving family members.
I'm even more grateful for those families who also made the greatest sacrifice. They gave their son or daughter, husband or wife, father or mother. For me and mine.
Being a Marine Corps family fills me with such pride. We may not be in the corps anymore, but, I am still proud of what we accomplished. We came out stronger in life and stronger together.
I am proud of what being a Marine means ~ Honor Courage Commitment. Semper Fidelis ~ always faithful.
I miss it too. In our last duty station, I was honored to be a Key volunteer. I served the family members whose loved one was deployed. I was honored to be able to do the annual holiday dinner for the unit. It was the highlight of my year. There's nothing like serving those who serve. Most of our closest friends we have we met either in the Marine Corps, or because of where the Marine Corps sent us.
I'm grateful that we were allowed to serve in the Greatest branch of the Military.
We were in the United States Marine Corps.
My husband was a Marine.
Sgt. Jesse McCoy ~ I LOVE YOU

Happy Birthday, devil dogs
Semper Fi

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Kayte said...

You both have much to proud of. I know we haven't done a good job at letting you know, but we're proud of you too. I honestly can't imagine sending Seth off to the middle east. You're a strong chickie!

At Doctor's Taylor's today, I told him to take good care of Jesse when he sees him tomorrow- he's an American hero, ya know!