Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well, I am going to update my blog! I started a 90 a picture a day thing ( and will be signing with my blog address, so I guess it's going to keep me a little more regular with my posts!!!

Today, I went to the park with the boys and 2 of my nephews. It made me miss the South Florida parks we had ~ granted, few and far between, but most of them had fences around the actual playland area and they were for the most part covered with awnings. Which was super duper nice, still blazin' hot, but nice!!! Oh, well, I am a New Yorker now.

Gotta say, maybe it's because my husband was/is a cop, but I can't stand it when people (ok, so men especially) come up and just start chattin' you up. I'm here to let my kids run their energy out and be in some semblance of peace and quiet, so BACK OFF. And I ESPECIALLY hate it when they start getting hands on with your kids. Or "their" kids start asking you to help them get in the swings or get on the playground equipment. I ended up telling this one disturbing dude that I have a "hands off" policy unless it is my children and thatI would appreciate him keeping his hands off my kid. Apparently this makes me "not neighborly". I DON'T CARE. I am just protecting my kids from the many weirdo's in normal people clothing as I can. It's my job. so STUFF IT!!!!!!!!!!!

But, after that, we had a great time! I had every intent to take my Bible study book and read it, and I had taken a few mag's I just got in the mail to browse through, but I couldn't. No seating :( but I did get to watch Gunner more closely and see his circuit he was moving in. Up the stairs

down the spiral slide

(or tornado slide, as I used to call it) then running by me, giving me a five ,

before heading up the stairs again. And yes, he is a handful!!!!

The other boys were having a good time just running all around

So, I had a good day with the guys!!!!!!!! I do love living in NY for the weather now that it is starting to warm up!!!!!!!!



Kayte said...

Cute pics! The weather was awesome today!!!!

According to Kris... said...

Hey Tara-I'm doing project 365-I take a pic everyday for a year and put it in a scrapbook. I love it! I can't wait to see your 90 pics online!