Monday, March 22, 2010


I have this sinus stuff going on, and I haven't been feeling my best so I did almost nothing today. I got around to the dishes ~ which, if you read my previous posts, I consider that an accomplishment! But I didn't do what I really wanted to today.

Jesse and I started doing P90x. He loves it. He's all motto and all that and is just ridiculous about it. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I hate doing it, but love when it's done. But, I'll be honest, I haven't really given it my all. BUT, I can see some improvement. Which Jesse says (i'll paraphrase) to start exercising when you're a fat lazy slug, you will DEFINITELY see results. Don't get all up in arms. He was a great completely PC husband and never used the words fat lazy slug, but once it went past my ear drums, that is how my brain processed it for the simple fact that I have to tell myself that to even do this program HALFWAY!
So, anyhow, I was a sick dog ~ well, not really, just sinus stuff that made my head all full and gave me a massive pressure headache, then my arms got all achy and my legs, but I PROMISE. I didn't just slack off from them today. I was really hurtin'. but I plan (I mean, I will) do them tomorrow, and I will try my hardest to do better than half way. Maybe 3/4. I mean, heck, I'm seeing some pretty good results for giving less than 50% :D

Anyways ~ I started up late doing something last night that I usually only reserve for tremendously boring evenings (you know the kind, internets down, dvd player won't work, and all channels but this one won't get the right signals)I watched the healthcare debates on CSpan. And sometimes flipped back to FoxNews during the actually votes, cause I really don't like elevator music when I'm in an elevator let alone willing enduring it! So, I watched, and I just couldn't help myself but yell at the tv or clap at appropriate times.

John Boehner did an awesome job with his speech and some of the other Repubs who I caught making their speeches. They made me proud to call myself a Republican again. I've been quite an armchair ..................can't really call myself an activist, unless you can call yelling at stupid politicians who can't hear me through the tv activism. So it inspired me to become more involved other than making a few phone calls or emails every now and then. I need to become more involved in my country. The direction that my country is going is hardly my fault, but mostly my fault. I've been complacent. My philosophy has been, what does it matter in the end, cause, I'm gonna end up in heaven. But, if what is happening in my country causes me to fret, toss and turn, and my blood pressure to shoot up to unhealthy levels, then, maybe, just maybe if I do a little bit more, I can sleep better at night and know that what I've done is all I can do. So, I'm gonna be more involved. I don't know how, yet. I don't know what I'll do. But I want to do something more than be a lazy screamer at the tv. That way, if my country goes down the tubes, I won't have to wonder "what if I would've just got a little more involved".

So, on other fronts, Xav enjoyed a week off from school. Tucker enjoyed having Xav off from school. They pretty much played outside all week cause it was wonderful SPRING-y weather (woohoo). And Gunner pretty much cried all week wanting so badly to be outside playing with his brothers. So, yep, I was going a little bit crazy!!!!
Saturday night, Jesse worked his shift and pulled a double working the next shift on Sunday morning. He was EXHAUSTED and still is and he is working tonight (his regular night off) and pulling a double shift tomorrow ~ another night off. he'll be getting almost 40 hours of overtime this week which, let me just tell you is NI-HI-HI-HI-HICE (NICE). Which will go a ways in our goal of trying to get out of debt in a year-ish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anywho.............I gots to get the other 2 guys in bed for the night so TA TA~~

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