Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today has been a nice day!
Gramma and Grampa took Xav and Tuck to the NY State fair today and they are STILL gone! It has been almost like Mom's day off! I still had Gunner, but he's a pretty pleasant critter! It was nice to get to be with him by himself! He is a funny kid!
It has been such a loverly day! It was cool and not at all summer like! We have been having to break out some jackets and I LOVE it! And it's supposed to be like this at least through the weekend! Which will be nice cause Saturday, we are planning on going to the NY State fair. I am not as froggy as my inlaws so I doubt I will be able to be there from open to close, but if the older ones can do it, maybe (and that's a big MAYBE :) ) I can survive a few hours!!!
I am excited. Jesse has talked of the NY State Fair since we decided to move back here. So I can't wait to see what all his hub-bub is all about!
Jesse is getting ready to start school come Sept. 1st. I'm excited and nervous that he gets to do it! I don't know about him.
Xavier starts in "a real school" on the 9th. Which is super exciting for him. He can't wait!!!! But what he also doesn't know is that my mom will be taking a train up here for a few days. I plan on surprising the boys with that the day she gets in ~ gonna take them to show them the train station and voila Nana will be there! So fun! They will be beside themselves. And I can't even begin to explain how hard it is to keep this secret! But, I have never been able to keep this kind of secret so I plan to this time!
Well, I shall sign off ~ not much is going on ~ just everyday life! Finally we are almost settled!

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Jodi said...

How did you like the NYS fair? All it's hyped up to be? We also went every year, and we go the IN State Fair these days, though it is a bit smaller. We don't spend as long there as we used to. Just about 4-5 hours. Its about 40 mins away from us.