Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting settled in ~

I know I haven't said lately (or probably ever for that matter) ~ but I am loving being in New York. I never really expected to, but I am so very glad we made this move. I
My boys are loving having their cousins to play with all the time. I love having my sister in law living above me ~ it makes things VERY convenient. If I have a quick errand to run, or if she does, we don't have to drag the kiddies out. Plus, it's fun to have dinner or dessert with them several times a week. I love that my boys can wake up and say hey, mom, can we go to gramma and grampa's today! I love being able to see his aunt and uncle at church and just talk to them whenever we want to.
The cons right now are that we don't have laundry facilities and it seems that laundry builds up SUPER DUPER FAST, and that we went from a 1600 sf 4/2 house to an apartment half that size, but it's bigger than I expected!!!!!! And we are very comfy here. Just can't wait to be able to start hanging up pictures and get these last few boxes out of here!!!!!!!!
I am so looking forward to the fall. From the way I understand it, we really get to start to feel fall in just a few weeks. I am so excited!!!!!! Last night at church, we were standing outside talking and caught a whiff of something burning (like an outdoor fireplace) and it just made me REALLY want fall!!!!! I can't wait to do s'mores with the boys and rake leaves and go hiking in the changing colors of fall!!!!
I know that Jesse is having more of a difficult adjustment to this change we have made. I think he misses his career as a police officer. He won't admit it, but I can just tell that he is down. He is thankful that he has a job, but I know he doesn't love it. And that makes getting up and going to work every day a chore, not something to look forward to. He is trying to get enrolled in classes for this fall, and I think that only with the job he has will be be able to ~ so, maybe once he gets started in classes, maybe he will end up appreciating his job a little more. I just hope that ~ even though come Sept. 30th, he would've still lost his job at BSO ~ he doesn't regret making this move.
Anywho ~ I am going to be starting on a weight loss program ~ I don't know how I ended up gaining so much weight in the last 3 months. Oh, wait, YES I DO. I am an eater when I am stressed and the last 3 months have been nothing BUT stress!!!!!! So, wish me luck as I attempt to lose a few pounds. And hopefully, it will just be the beginning and I can hit the pound mark that I'm aiming for!

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