Wednesday, September 30, 2009


On Monday, Xav had his first field trip ~ hiking to the top of Bald (Rondaxe) Mountain. I decided I wanted to go, so I did. Tucker and I crashed in on the field trip and it was beautiful. BUT ~ it made me realiz how out of shape I am. But I MADE IT TO THE TOP. A little slower than the others, but I MADE IT! And it was beautiful. It was a little cloudy at the top, but a little lower we could see the finger lakes and the trees were changing and it was absolutely gorgeous. Once I dig my camera out of my purse I will post pictures.
Tucker did better than anyone there. He only stumbled a couple times. It was cute! Me ~ I did okay going up, coming down a different story. I fell about 3 times. The first time, I was certain I broke something, but didn't. I'm still feeling the effects of it and today I am so stiff. It was very sweet cause the first time I fell and about broke my leg, I kept telling him, go on ahead, I'll catch up, just want to take a minute to rest. But Xav sat down with me and said "mom, I'm not leaving without you". He is such a darling good kid!
But Xav had such a good time, and I am grateful that he gets to be in "a real school". And he didn't mind his clutzy mom and kid brother tagging along either.

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